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welcome back at 6:00 on this tuesday morning, tambor 7. i am alison starling. >> i am natasha barrett. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we begin with adam caskey. >> not as cool and refreshing as the past couple days. still feels nice outside with low humidity, temperature is in the '60s for the most part. 59 in brunswick. berkeley springs, 55. a little cooler to the north and west of the metro area. 59 in arlington -- 69. near 90 degrees this afternoon with a few scattered clouds. not very humid. tomorrow will be a lot like this. a few more chances of rain let much later in the week. 95 and 66 in virginia heating up. 395 in good stead from the belt way to the 14th street bridge. southbound on 270, more
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neighbors in the roads. if nothing between the american legion bridge and the wilson bridge on the maryland side. looks good through cheverly. 95, baltimore washington parkway quiet. route 4 and route 5, a bus is rolling out. let's show you the approach into a germantown, 270 looks good qasab carolee boulevard -- looks good at father hurley. courtney robinson is live along 270 in rockville. >> traffic is picking up. we have seen quite a few cars on the roads. if things will get worse as more kids go back to school and workers go back to work. get ready to hit the bricks and the gridlock. >> it is part of living in the city. >> today is expected to be one of the worst traffic delays in the metro region. back from vacation.
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>> terrible traffic tuesday was the name coined to describe the absolute worst gridlock in months, the day after labor day. a day of reckoning for motorists, for kids going back to school. >> the traffic nightmare will only get worse because many construction projects will also be gearing up. 295 and across the 11th street bridge, the work is expected to close lanes beginning this week and it will last at least a month. >> you have to leave early enough and be patient and watch what is going on around us. >> some of the construction projects mean new traffic patterns, which might mean closings this morning. you might want to build extra time into your commute. courtney robinson reporting for abc 7 news. 5 metrobus 9 stations that are closed labor day weekend are
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open again. the five were shut down on friday. crews perform safety of grades. the stations will reopen this morning in time for the rush hour. our other top story this morning, summer vacation is officially over for hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia. >> arlington, fairfax, loudoun county and others back in session this morning. this year, classrooms are hoping the effects of big budget cuts -- are coping with. >> doing more with less in northern virginia because a moment is higher and funding is down across the board compared with the last couple years. in fairfax county, 175 dozen students will flood the school system today. if that is 3200 more students than last year. a reason for the enrollment
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increase is an influx of young hispanic families with a higher birthrate. arlington county and alexandria counties have seen a rise in enrollment from 3% up to %. in fairfax county the funding for schools dropped by $34 million compared with last year. spending per student will be cut by $300 to $10,000. parents are having to dish out morakot for advanced placement courses and athletics. teachers have not had a pay raise in fairfax county the past couple years. the superintendent's post to change that in the next budget. his first stop will be at this high-school at 7:00 this morning. pamela brown reporting. president obama used to the
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labor day holiday to pitch a plan to jump-start the ailing economy. aa $50 billion plan which includes money for 150,000 miles of road construction, 4,000 miles of railways, 450 miles of runways -- 150 miles. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work and renew the american dream. the president says it can't pay for the increasing the deficit and the proposed a tax write-off on investments for businesses. -- the presidents says it- the president can be paid for.
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two people were sought in northeast washington and around 7:15 last night on 54th street in northeast. the people have non-life threatening injuries. investigators are searching for the two gunmen. a fire killed 27 horses. but out early yesterday near charles town races in west virginia. two tourists captured the fire on cell phone camera. they tried to rescue the horses. steve clark and amber taylor. >> i was panicking and selling like my shoes were melting off. >> there was no chance of getting some of them out. >> 26 sources survived the fire along with four kittens. damage to the barn is estimated at $1.2 million. now to tropical storm
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hermine, which has moved from mexico into texas, oregon to the sudden probable on star state. the storm brought high winds and driving rain to san padre island. it brought several inches of rain in northern mexico, causing severe flooding. new developments in the d.c. mayor's race. mayor adrian fenty has a reason to celebrate. >> a change of command at abc news. a man who brought you the team at "good morning america" is stepping down. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will be right back.
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6:00 then almost on this day after labor day, tuesday morning. welcome back to work and school. northern virginia going back for the thursday. 70 degrees at reagan national. sunrise at 6:42. a little cloudy. today will be nice, but warmer than yesterday. 65 degrees by now in sterling, boxville, temple hills. 66 in vienna. a few upper 50's. near 94 the highest temperature this afternoon. short sleeves today. it will not be very humid. uncomfortable and 90 degrees this afternoon. near 90 again tomorrow. not very humid. partly cloudy. cold front of starting to move
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through throughout the day tomorrow. that will drop our temperatures to near 80 degrees fahrenheit temperatures thursday into saturday. maybe a few showers on sunday. in maryland's the story about the side streets, looks good coming through the neighborhoods. be careful walking to school on the fairfax count -- be careful walking to school. watch out for delays upstream. the left side, headlights northbound. the right is headed out of springfield. the longtime president of abc news named david westin is leaving after 13 years on the job. he will stay until a successor is tired. he is resigning over anger
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changes as well as the departure of over a quarter of the news division staff. still to come on this tuesday, apparently money can buy happiness, and to limit. we will explain that. >> the democratic primary is days away. a mayoral candidate has gotten another endorsement. parts of colorado up in smoke. thousands of people fleeing for their lives this morning.
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summer is officially over for hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia. they will put on their backpacks and give back to class today. the new school year is expected to be challenging for virginia school districts as they face tighter budgets and an influx of
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new students. the return to work and school after labor day holiday could make for difficult trip on the roads today. aaa is calling today terrible traffic tuesday. the group says several construction projects on the d.c. area could add to the gridlock as well. dozens of causes have been destroyed by a lot from burning your boulder, colorado. high wind has made it difficult for firefighters to fight the fire has destroyed 3,500 acres. 1000 houses have been evacuated. we turn to the race for the d.c. mayor. incumbent adrian fenty has a new reason to celebrate. a week before crucial primary, the mayor with another big endorsement. brianne carter is live in northwest with the details and the latest on this race. >> good morning. this has been a race everyone has been watching. it will come down to acquire as we head into seven days away
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from ducks democratic primary. -- it will come down to the wire. mayor adrian fenty has just picked up an endorsement from washington examiner. the newspaper says, "there's no reason to fix what is not broken in the areas of crime, fiscal management, city services and economic development. in education there is no need to break what is finally being fixed after all these years. we are urging washington residents to reelect adrian fenty." the paper goes on to say they believe his rival is a good public leader, they are not aware of any reason why he should be elected. we have seen a number of other endorsements. mayor adrian fenty picked up an endorsement from the washington post. and we have seen a number of polls. the latest one shows an adrian
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fenty is lagging 13 points behind vincent gray. that is coming from registered democrats. it is not clear how undecided voters will play a role in this race. seven days until the democratic primary. >> thank you. 32 firefighters from around the globe are running across the united states to commemorate 9/11. they are expected to arrive in d.c. today. they were in emmitsburg, maryland yesterday. some of the firefighters lost family members in the terrorist attacks. 4,600 miles race started in los angeles and will end in new york city. >> this is long overdue. this is insulting to muslims and to our soldiers. >> a florida pastor bogota with plans to burn the qur'an, on september 11 -- pastor will go
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ahead with plans. he says that the book is evil. in kabul the people burned effigies of the minister. at the entrance of the september 11 museum there's a memorial. the link between money antagonism as a price limit. president obama's latest tax plan as well. rob nelson has these stories and more. >> good morning. president obama's new economic plan. today the president will propose letting businesses and corporations right off new s in plants and equipment. bp is investing in online ads.
6:18 am
advertising aids showed the company spent $3.6 million on google search results adds. the justice department is investigating google plans to purchase a software company called ita. they're concerned whether rivals would have access to ita services. i am rob nelson. after $75,000, money doesn't make people as happy. >> i think i could be a little happier local money. >> but good weather makes us happy. >> it does.
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i cannot bring new money, but i can bring you good weather. it is back to the grind. 64 degrees in burke, virginia. 69 in hyattsville. a lot of sunshine today. getting lighter along the horizon. sunrise at 6:42. we are losing two minutes of daylight every day this time of year. in cumberland is 54 degrees. 64 in manassas. sunrise at 6:42 this morning. sunset at 7:29 p.m. 87 is a high temperature from yesterday. five degrees above average. today, we will be a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be a lot like today. there are changes toward the end of the work week because of a cold front in the midsection of
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the country. the pinwheel motion in the upper midwest, a cold front is attached to that. the cold front will move through tomorrow throughout the day and that will cause changes thursday fointo the upper part of the weekend. near 90 today and again tomorrow. partly cloudy. not very humid. thursday through saturday, morning temperatures in the 50's. afton and high temperatures in the high 70's. near 80 degrees. a dry weather pattern continuing through the workweek. if the next chance of showers is on sunday. now on this terrible traffic tuesday, lisa baden? looks normal on 95. heading up to 123, delays. on 66 eastbound , as a crashed before 66 eastboundfor 29 centreville, blocking one of the lanes. slow traffic developing out of
6:21 am
manassas behind that. let's look at one of the bus lots. there's more action now with bus drivers headed out in fairfax. going to pick up the kids for school. that's a reminder that things have changed for everyone this morning. change is a good thing. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21, 67 degrees on this tuesday. the story of a nurse and her patient and the extraordinary discovery when she walked into the hospitals will. -- ro9om -- room >> child brides on "the oprah show". [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
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alon you'll never walk >> there is jerry lewis continuing to nutrition -- continuing the tradition of the muscular dystrophy telethon. it was held in las vegas and raised $59 million, down from 2009. we have news for your diet. if you want to live longer, stay away from eating meat. people eating animal-based
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proteins and fats have a greater chance of heart disease or cancer. they are more likely to have a higher body mass and are more likely to smoke. stick with a low carbon, high- protein diet instead. researchers are saying that men may be more likely than women to have mild cognitive impairment. that refers to a stage between normal forgetfulness and the development of dimension. researchers say that men may begin to experience it earlier than women. maybe that goes back to the directions and stuff like that. an amazing story about a nurse in the bronx, new york. wanda rodriguez never knew her father. her parents split apart and he left. two weeks ago she had a new patient with the same name as her father. she asked him about his children's names. he said he had a daughter named
6:26 am
wandsa. ran outrted crying and i of the realm. >> i said, i am your daughter. \he said i know. him a big kiss and >> he's being treated for the final stages of cancer. he will turn 61 this week. she holds no hard feelings about the fact that he left when she was small. if she says that she's lucky to have this little time with him. >> being at the right place at the right time. 67 degrees outside. still another 30 minutes of our show. >> a capital kickoff, highlights from last night's virginia tech
6:27 am
game at fedex field against boise. >> a new poll shows more americans are more about the economy and who they >> live in the bill for a sweater center, a great day to get back to school. a continuation of the weekend weather, but a little warmer. a continuation of the weekend weather, but a little warmer. we
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>> by the end in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the whole area heads back to work and to school. welcome back. it is going to be a big day, a busy day for many kids around our region. it's tuesday comes and timber 7. i'm alison starling. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey, get us started. a good day.
6:31 am
look at that out there. >> chesapeake beach. you do not have to travel very far. it is gorgeous. it is going to be another nice day today, and extended continuation of the weekend, a little bit warmer. but this is september, so the cold front that moved in mean business. >> yeah, the cool fronts. >> yes, so this cold front will move through by tomorrow, making noticeable changes for thursday and the early part of the weekend. i love september weather. it really gets you in the mood for fall. reagan national, 70 degrees, mostly sunny skies. for the most part we're in the 60's. there are some exceptions. 90 degrees, a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. upper 70's to mainly 80 degrees. afternoon highs in the 60's. that is refreshing. let's go back to lisa baden for
6:32 am
what could be terrible traffic tuesday, right, lisa? >> yes, it could, but right now is not. a lot of volume, but on 95, 295, a pretty good shape in waldorf with plenty of lights. 66, an accident eastbound near 29 centreville, on the shoulder. let's go live to news chopper 7. they're just flying over one of the bus lots adjacent to 66. you can see on the left side of your screen under the word live. they are ready to roll out. >> i cannot believe summer is over. and the commonwealth heads back to class. 10 local districts welcome back students, including fairfax county. pamela brown just spoke to the county school superintendent, joining us live in vienna with what to expect in the new year ahead. >> alison, good morning.
6:33 am
we just spoke to the school superintendent, jack dale. he says once again schools in fairfax county will be stretched thin because this year enrollment in county schools is up by 3000 students but funding has been cut by $34.5 million. to break it down for you, that means spending per student will be cut by about $300 to $10,000, and jack dale tells us that, new this year, parents over -- parents will have to fork over more money for school-related fees, such as athletics and advanced placement courses. he said there were some cuts to the central office and some of the resources coming to the schools, but he says the big focus this year is making sure that classroom sizes stay about the same. he says that will be the case because so far they have not had to fire any teachers. however, salary freezes are
6:34 am
still in effect, but jack dale tells us that he hopes that will not be the case this time next year. it will be a special first day of school for students at mayfield intermediate school at manassas, which will reopen for the first time since february's blizzard. the storms caused extensive damage to the school, including a collapsed roof. aaa is calling today the triple t, terrible traffic tuesday because of the start of school and the return to work after the labor day holiday. aaa also says several construction projects around the area could add to this gridlock. good news if you're writing metro. a sense of relief. five red light stations closed during labor day weekend reopened this morning. the glenmont, wheaton, forest glen, silver spring, and ta
6:35 am
koma stations reopened wednesday. it the president is hoping to -- abc news poll released tonight showed what a daunting challenge democrats face heading into the midterm. emily schmidt has details. >> this week president obama is pitching a new economic plan with the slogan -- >> i personally think that yes we can as more inspiring than know we cannot. >> but a new poll finds more people saying, "no, he has not." 46% disapprove -- 52% say they disapprove with what he has done so far. >> i will fight every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around. >> the first idea, $50 billion for transportation projects.
6:36 am
tomorrow the president will propose a $200 billion tax write-offs on new investments for businesses and corporations. republican house leader john boehner says we do not need more republican stimulus -- more government stimulus spending. polls show voters favor the republican candidate by 43%. the discovery communications building in downtown silver spring is expected to fully reopened this morning. police say james lee took three people hostage for four hours last wednesday before he was shot and killed by officers. investigators are trying to find out what caused the fire that swept through three barnes, killing 27 horses. the fire broke out early yesterday morning the charles town races in west virginia. two people cap to the fire on their cell phone cameras. amber taylor and steve clark worked alongside taylotrainers d
6:37 am
grooms to rescue the horses. >> it was panic. how many, how fast, how much time do we have. >> there were no chance of those getting out. 0. >> for whatever reason, we were supposed to be there. >> damage to the barns is estimated at $1.2 million. >> when you see the video, you realize that they really risked their lives to try to help. >> great to see people do something like that. still ahead, d.c.'s primary race for mayor is down to the final seven days. >> first, another check on the traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> hi, i'm caroline hardy, president of the s gma vincent palotti high school. >> we just want to say, "good morning washington." >> back-to-school it is today. 6:40 a.m. here's a look at the son getting ready to pop up over the horizon.
6:41 am
temperatures along the bay are around 70 degrees. in laurel, 62. 52 degrees -- 62 degrees, dewpoint at 62. the air is saturated, but not much in terms of fog across the area. 58 and from royal, 58 in b owie. it will be shorts and short sleeve weather. 90 degrees later this afternoon. near 90 today and tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. a cold front in the midwest, a few clouds and dissipating showers. that will move through tomorrow, dropping temperatures for the latter half of the work week. but there 90 today, hot but not very humid. the humidity will remain in check with dewpoint down near 60 degrees. you'll feel the heat but not the humidity. high temperatures in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees. traffic, very important on this
6:42 am
back to work, back to school tuesday. >> everything is on normal service system line when you hit metro rail. here we are hitting the road live in the tyco camera. this is 270 traffic southbound, bunching up from 80 to 109, father hurley boulevard to montgomery village avenue. two things in virginia. a crash in senegal on eastbound 66 on the shoulder. after the occoquan -- a crash in centreville on eastbound 66 on the shoulder. back to natasha and allison. >> lisa, do you wear high heels? >> yes. >> could you imagine running a race in high heels? >> no. >> in this instance we have a quick reminder for you. this is your next chance to win a trip to new york city to take part in the high heel o-a- thon.
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welcome back, everybody. 6:45 is the time. thousands of students will be putting on their backpacks and heading back to school. it is expected to be a
6:46 am
challenging year as school districts struggle to deal with tight budgets, salary freezes, and an influx of new students. aaa is warning commuters to expect the worst as people had back to work today. the group has dubbed it terrible traffic tuesday. several major construction projects taking place across the d.c. area are expected to add to the gridlock. the former jetblue flight attendant accused of cursing and passenger and flooding down a sliding down an emergency chute will be in court today. turning now to the race for d.c. mayor, we are seven days away from the primary election, and already thousands of people have cast their ballot. but today a new show of support for the incumbent underdog. brianne carter is live in northwest d.c. with more. >> good morning. we just have seven days, all that's left to the democratic primary. as you mentioned, a new key item
6:47 am
here as a new endorsement comes out for mayor adrian fenty. we know that the candidates have really been hitting the campaign trail hard as they try to garner as many votes as possible heading into this primary again, just a week away from now. it is unclear at this point whether or not the endorsements are helping voters decide. "washington examiner" just endorsed mayor adrian fenty. that he deserves reelection on the basis of five different areas of service over the past four years. the paper goes on to say that there is no reason to fix what is not broken in those areas, including crime, fiscal management, city services, and economic development. most importantly, in education, there is no need to break what is finally being fixed after all these years. for these reasons, they are urging people to re-elect adrian fenty to his post as mayor. they go on to say that they believe that chairman vincent gray has been a good public servant, but again, they are
6:48 am
throwing their support behind fenty. not the first paper to do so. fenty also picked up an endorsement from "the washington post." chairman gray is still ahead, adrian fenty lagging behind 13 points by all registered democrats. brianne carter, abc7 news. maryland governor martin o'malley will take part in a bridge dedication ceremony in bladensburg. a bridge will be dedicated to state senator wendell in brett, who died in 2008. loudoun county residents will be able to weigh in on whether religious displays should be banned. the board of supervisors will hold a public input session to discuss banning the to the scenes and menorahs during the holiday. -- banning a tv scenes and menorahs during the holiday. politico's david mark has a
6:49 am
look at some of the ways that the gop can try to take back the democratic majority. david, good to see you. >> good morning, good to be here. >> it sounds like the magic number here really is 39. >> that is right, and republicans think they can get over that hurdle, pick up 39 house seats. that is a heavy lift under any circumstances, but they think the lingering tough economy, the job losses that we continue to see, will bring them over the finish line and make them the majority party within eight weeks or so. >> we really haven't seen something like this since 1994. we think about what is up for grabs and the big shift. do you think it could really happen? what do they need to prove to voters right now, or is it already in their hands? >> republicans are making the argument that if you leave democrats in power, the economy is not going to recover. jobs will not come back, the economy will not flourish again, and as long as that's the case, republicans say, there is no real hope. i think that could be a winning
6:50 am
argument across the country come in the midwest, the south, lots of other places that are hard hit economically. >> for people really interested in this come a great argument on politico, the front page there really breaks these things down into different classes. you can really sort of research state-by-state. >> that is right, you can go for democrats who are most vulnerable, those who are likely to lose, those who would be a big political weight to get them over the finish line, and if you wish lists members for republicans, who in a really good year could knock them off and bring in a republican member. >> david, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey, we get to you to the big first day of school for virginia kids. >> and welcome back to work for everybody else. kind of a shorts and shirt sleeve afternoon today, 90 degrees, a fantastic start today. for the bus stops, where mostly in the 60's.
6:51 am
that is comfortable. take a look at the sunrise. this is what you call a sunrise out of chesapeake beach. 71 degrees right now on the water. here is a pick up in the district. the sun rose at 6:42 a.m. currently is 70 degrees at reagan national. it is going to be hotter today, back up near 90 degrees. but the dewpoint will remain near 60. so hotter, but not to humid. you will not feel much humidity in the air. arlington at 69, hagerstown, 64. stafford and waldorf at 66. yesterday we were at 87, 5 degrees above average. the record today, 104, back in 1881. we have high pressure over had, so clear skies to the north and out to sea in the atlantic. there is the cold front moving to the midsection of the country, and that will quietly
6:52 am
pass through throughout the day tomorrow. sometimes cold fronts bring showers and storms, and we could use some rain. but this looks like a dry frontal passage. back up near 90, same-store tomorrow, and we will have the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. back to lisa for the commit. >> plenty of traffic to discuss. on 66 eastbound in centreville, a crash was resolved quickly. on 95 by the occoquan river, there was a bush fire. lanes are open for us there. a general reminder from news choppers seven. school buses are rolling out. you'll be seeing plenty of strobe lights flying over the bus lots here, adjacent to 66. things are changing for everyone this morning.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> critical election weeks away. what can the president do in such a climate? thursday george stephanopoulos asked the tough questions. face-to-face with the president. a good morning america exclusive on abc. and exciting kickoff to the college football season as a sold-out crowd gathered at fedex field for a very close games.
6:56 am
thousands of virginia tech fans came to the home of the washington redskins to see the hopis' take on the boise state broncos. unfortunately, -- to see the hokies take on the boise state broncos, but they lost 33-30. now a quick last look at traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. >> we are a fan of what is happening on the region -- plenty of traffic. we are going to take you quickly to keep it below camera so you can see the pace of traffic. first of all, no problems to report in maryland. 270 by falls road. next camera is in virginia with plenty of traffic on the way to the pentagon. >> a lovely day to day with high temperatures near 90, plenty of sunshine. not to humid. the same thing for tomorrow. down near 80 degrees by the looks like we will ho
6:57 am
wait for sunday for a chance of rain. >> that does it for us. "good morning washington." more ♪ ♪
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